Social Media Establishment & Management

Don’t know where to start? Need help scheduling and posting content to your social media accounts? I’m the gal you want to talk to! Over the past few years, I’ve learned how to get you great engagement with your content. Let’s work together to build you a content calendar that’ll work for you and your business.


Social Media Auditing

Need help figuring out why your social media tactics just aren’t working the way you them to? I’ll sit down with you and give you a rundown on what you should or could be doing to make your profiles stand out to your audience. I’ll provide you with a SWOT Analysis and Social Strategy Plan that’ll help you get a better understanding of your audience too!


Graphic Design

Graphic design is just one of my many passions. I’m fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite. I could help you design anything from brochures, logos, posters, you name it! I also have experience working with WordPress sites if you need help creating a website.



Need help creating content to post to your social media accounts? I’m very experienced when it comes to taking photos of your product or service that will catch your audience’s eye. I can also take photos of company events or personal events.


Writing Newsletters & Blogging Material

Creative writing is another passion of mine. I have a personal blog that I write my own content on for fun, and I have experience writing for other companies as well. I can write articles, public profiles, newsletters, etc. I can also help you come up with the best social media bio if you need it!


Illustrations & Other Art-Related Commissions

Creating art is something I will never stop doing. I love painting and creating digital art if you ever need to spruce up your office. Or maybe you’d like yourself drawn in my artistic style? Let me know! We can definitely collaborate.


Need something else? Send me a message and let’s see what we can do!